Best Types of Loans Offered on the Internet

24 Jan

Types of Personal Loans

Types of Personal Loans

You can order without a lot of bureaucracies a variety of credit modalities, you just have to understand which one fits your profile and / or is the best cost-benefit for the pocket. Check the list:

  1. Banking personal loan
  2. Unsecured Personal Loan
  3. Restricted Personal Loan
  4. Personal loan without consultation
  5. Loan with pre-dated check
  6. Loan with credit card
  7. Negative Loan
  8. Payroll loan – retired and pensioner
  9. Private payroll – salaried loan
  10. Loan as property guarantee
  11. Loan with vehicle guarantee
  12. Peer-to-peer loan
  13. Crowdfunding Loan – Collective
  14. Loan on Special Check
  15. Loan with pawn
  16. Individual entrepreneurial loan
  17. Loan worker Informal
  18. Home Equity Loan
  19. Microcredit

Despite the excellent characteristics of personal loans and payroll loans , we have heard many lending institutions and online platforms reject the loan application of many applicants, particularly those who want financial resources to solve their debt problems or simply because they want to lower the interest of others operations selling the debt or asking for portability to take advantage of the Selic Rate is low.

When you talk about personal loan online you get the impression that everything is going to be easier, without bureaucracy and fast – really that is generally the case – but you should not believe that just because a company offers loans without consultation or with less bureaucracy, that there are no requirements for approval or that the applicant is not eligible to take a particular type of loan .

Many are unable to get approval for the requested loan due to errors:

  • Make mistakes when filling in the online registrations
  • Errors with Internet access – failures
  • Contradictory and untrue information
  • Lack of credit score or bad history.
  • Do not reach the minimum score for approval
  • They can not prove the income they need
  • Have many credit inquiries within the

All this and more can end up with the chances of getting approved by applying for any of the various types of personal loans available on the web.

It is vital you understand that in order to get approved for your personal loan application , it is not a cinch. Here are some mistakes made by the clients that leave them away from by hand in the money financed from a loan.

Without consulting the loan before applying for the loan

Without consulting the loan before applying for the loan

Personal loans do not demand collateral by their very nature, and because of this, usually the credit score is one of the main and most important keys to opening the lenders’ safe for them to lend your rich money, the same you need.

So it is best (consult Serasa and SPC) to get your credit report before you start comparing loans and interest rates when applying your application on financial and online platforms.

If there are registrations (pending records) on the credit report, your name is dirty, if you can, it does not exist to consider correcting these issues before requesting any kind of loan. This action will certainly ease the approval process of your order.

Do not be greedy when asking for credit or loans

Do not be greedy when asking for credit or loans

You may even be eligible for a large amount of borrowed money, sometimes much more than you really need. But before you become greedy and think about availing the entire loan amount available, calculate your actual ability to repay the installments, it will be a commitment to have to pay month after month until the contract ends.

To do this, we have dozens of personal loan calculator and free financing here at Miss Prism.

Make sure you will not bite any more than you can chew.

Catching a loan amount greater than your repayment capacity can result in denial of the loan or if approved – problems with your finances in the future.

Do not have too many loans with multiple lenders – credit starvation

Do not have too many loans with multiple lenders - credit starvation

There is no doubt that having access to the many types of personal loan will make you survive for longer financially speaking. In times of lack of money, having credit can save the motherland, but that does not mean that you have to borrow with each lender who offer credit, financing or loans to you.

Be cautious when using your credit at financial institutions and at companies that make money available at interest.

Wait! Compare! Decide! If you are hungry for credit you will surely have difficulties related to:

  • Restriction on name and records in Serasa / SPC / CCF / SCPC
  • Impaired credit score
  • Interest rates more expensive than normal
  • Loan requests denied
  • Lower payment terms

You can compare interest rates on loans offered by different lenders, we have partnerships with the main lenders that are working in the Brazilian market within their modalities and types of loans, both payroll and non-payroll, as or without guarantee:

For negative

  • Sheet discount (consigned)
  • With Assurance of property (property or vehicle)
  • Peer-to-Peer (between people)
  • Financing (Collective)

You can find out with the help of comparator calculators which personal loan you will choose to make.

Search for best loan offer

Search for best loan offer

It is always worth remembering that you do not just settle for the first personal loan offer that you find in your online search, advertisement or advertising. Do your homework to know about the different loans that are available in the market, compare interest rates and get to know your lender.

While researching to find the best deal, you should remember that lenders offer different interest rates for the same loan amount because of the profile analysis, credit score and score.

Many clients make a big mistake by underestimating their debt, that is, hiding from themselves the debt they own. Know that your credit report is reviewed by each lender before your personal loan application is processed in the approval queue.

Do not forget that most companies that operate online have the technological intelligence to identify any undisclosed debt, and even though it offers advantages to those who have some restrictions, approval may not happen.

If you have any chance of making a personal loan to borrow money, opt to consolidate your debts and keep your financial status stable and with minimal repayment capacity.

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