Surely you have been in a difficult situation economically speaking and have had to go to the people closest to you so they can help you through payday loans, with the aim of getting out of the trouble you are going through, but the answer you got was negative Well, who you went to is in the same situation as you or even worse, who end up asking for money.

The economic outlook is not very favorable

People close to us deny us help not because of bad intentions but because the economic outlook is not very favorable and therefore it is necessary to go to a serious entity that allows you to get the money you need, get out of your obligations and catch up with everything else.

But when you think about this possibility, remember how annoying it is to go to the bank, talk to the advisor who often does not have the right attitude to attend to you and understand your needs, and you are also asked for a large amount of paperwork and paperwork, that the only thing They do is waste your time.

So what to do when neither our relatives or close friends nor banks are the solution? Well, look for an alternative that gives you more benefits than disadvantages and this is where we appear, providing you with such an effective and safe tool, in which you can access any of our services from the comfort of your home and without so many complications, optimizing your time so you don’t have to choose between being in the office or lining up in the bank.

We want to present our Good Finance platform

A digital tool that will become your best ally to request payday loans of amounts that are not less than 100 thousand pesos but that do not exceed 600 thousand. With our platform you can make a whole calculation of your loan and the time you will have to pay your debt, which according to our service policy cannot exceed thirty calendar days. Through our tool “Calculator” you can select the amount you need to request and in the same way know the interest that will be charged for the loan you have requested.

All this you can do from your home or workplace, all you need is to have a device with internet connection that allows you to perform the process. To do this you must enter our website and fill out the form that is there, it is important that you correctly complete all the fields, especially with information that can be verifiable and true, so that we do not have any inconvenience to approve your request.

Large number of documents or send proof of payrol


We will not ask you to attach copies of a large number of documents or send proof of payroll, because what we want to provide a solution that does not have any resemblance to the procedure or procedure that makes a bank You can access one of our products or services. All you have to do, as we indicated earlier, is to fill out our form with all the information requested there and wait for our system to give you a positive response.

And that is another of our points in favor. Are you not tired of being put to wait 8 or 15 days to know if your credit application was approved? And even worse, don’t you think it’s a terrible thing when the loan was denied? It is 8 or 15 days that you lost waiting for a negative response and in which you could have found some other solution that would allow you to get out of your problems.

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