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Salvation! We applift 🚀

a Karlín-based software house that has been doing things a little differently for 7 years now. See for yourself here:

We’re over 130 at this point, but you won’t find your typical managers here. We make sure that all our projects make people’s lives a little easier. they must first pass our internal ethics check. For example, we developed a system to streamline international trade in organs for transplantation, and we provided security for a banking application used by millions of users across Europe. We also like to spend time outside of work and are open with each other.

Our new partnership development department needs new blood to get started. We’re not just looking for a rainmaker, we’re interested in culturally appropriate people, people who enjoy the same things we do and who will make our customers’ happiness and success their top priority.

You will earn your daily bread by:

  • Active search for business opportunities and partnerships and creation of new contacts.

  • Update and maintenance of our CRM system.

  • Work with leads generated by our marketing team.

  • Negotiation of contracts and commercial conditions.

  • Be the face of Applifting and represent its values ​​and services at social gatherings as well as networking events and personal encounters.

  • Understand the needs of a potential client and translate them into Applifterese. But don’t worry, you will always have the support of a team of professionals.

  • Work closely with our gurus and team leaders, who will help you put together tailored offers.

  • Create lasting partnerships and friendships with customers.

  • Assume responsibility for the goals we set together, goals that you will have the freedom to influence with your opinion.

What we expect from you?

  • You know your technologies well enough to be an equal partner to the customer. You can give them professional advice and offer them a suitable solution.

  • You take business meetings and negotiations with clients like a duck to water, and it really takes something to throw you off balance.

  • You are a fan of digital products and no novelty escapes you or remains unexplored.

  • You are independent, procrastination is poison for you and you are a go-getter. It is important to you that the business grows and improves, and you are committed to achieving this.

  • You love talking to people, you know how to listen, find out what’s bothering them and put it into words. Written communication is child’s play for you. And you can do it all in perfect Czech and English. Bonus points if you also speak German or French at a native level.

  • You don’t just wait for people to approach you. You are good at making and maintaining new contacts.

  • You are organized and you do not find yourself in situations where you have two meetings in two places at the same time.

  • Diligence and perseverance are your middle names.

  • You’re no stranger to Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs.

  • Traveling across the country and overseas (since we have a branch in London) doesn’t scare you.

  • Reading of contracts and transmission of documents to the financial department.

Who are you?

Technical skills are important to us, but what matters even more is whether we get along personally and whether our free culture is right for you. At your level, not everyone understands. It just doesn’t work without mutual trust, honesty and openness. We expect you to be unafraid to ask for help, to admit you’ve screwed up the dog (and learn your lesson), and to just do your research when you’re unfamiliar with it. Something. You know not to make promises you know you can’t keep, whether to Applifters or our customers. That doesn’t mean you’re going to nod and whistle, however, you know how to voice your opinion and when is the right time to say “no.” But you also do it in a way that motivates people instead of insulting them. In short, it all boils down to being humble and fair. This is exactly the kind of person we will welcome with open arms.

In exchange, you get:

🖖 Hey buddy attitude and open culture (check out

⏰ Flexible working hours – work anywhere and anytime, whether from the office or at home

💻 MacBook that fits your needs (with an upgrade option)

💸 Sharing 10% of our profits with Applifters at the end of the year

👫 Mentoring program—everyone here has a mentor, some even have two

📚 Personal development – a budget for conferences, trainings or books of your choice

🇬🇧 English lessons, whether in a group or alone

⚖️ Take good care of our mental well-being in collaboration with therapists from

🦸 Spirit of Applifting – you get paid for the time you spend on good deeds, on and off your working hours

🚴‍♂️ MultiSport card and place to exercise also at work

🍺 Meetups, team building activities and other community events

🛋 Rest areas, a meeting space and a games room

👼 Offices where all kinds of children and animals are welcome

Benefits of the position

Time spent on innovation
Budget for personal development and growth
Child-friendly desk
Office accepting dogs
Self-organization of working time
Possibility of unpaid leave
Opportunity to make up working hours
Individual working hours
13th salary
Corporate events and teambuilding
home office
Contributions to education
Contributions to sports, cultural or leisure activities
Courses and training
Flexible working time


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