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Your best travel advice comes from TikTok

The most watched TikTok video of all time shows a young man, disguised as a Hogwarts student, fly a magic broom in an industrial park. The 18-second clip has been viewed some 2.2 billion times. But TikToks on travel didn’t take off in the same way. Some reasons are obvious: …

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Can travel be fun again?

Reclaim the heavens. In early May, I took my first commercial flight since travel restrictions eased and my vaccination was in full effect, to visit my daughter in Texas. I didn’t feel insanely in danger; it was psychologically uncomfortable, but i always hated airports and airplanes. I ate and drank …

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Portsmouth and Durham consider ending mask warrants

Mask warrants appear to be running their course in New Hampshire. Councilors for Portsmouth and Durham will next week consider proposals to reduce or completely cancel mask warrants in those communities. The proposals come amid a steady decline in Covid-19 cases across the region and state as more people get …

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