Comment: Czech Prime Minister fishing for votes in racist / xenophobic pond

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš addresses the Chamber of Deputies on June 3, 2021. (PHOTO:

The ANO movement, unlike the other big favorites vying for the lower house elections this year, has yet to officially start its campaign, but the speech last Thursday by Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) may be considered such launched by his private movement – and there was nothing good about it. Babiš decided to consolidate the movement’s declining favor by primitively inciting hatred against immigrants, xenophobically ranting against foreign nationals and telling what are clearly lies about his political rivals.

Babiš: We don’t want multiculturalism! No no no!

“I have said it a thousand times already, the Czech Republic is a sovereign state and we will decide for ourselves who will work and live here. […] Mr. Bartoš [the chair of the Pirates] said ‘I would like a world without borders, migration is natural.’ “If Europe is supposed to be Muslim in 10 or 15 years – and we are already seeing this in France and Germany – I have no problem with that,” Bartoš says. Well I have a problem with that. I have a problem with this. I don’t want a Muslim Europe. […] We in the Czech Republic do not want a multicultural and eco-fanatic Piratostan! We don’t! [Thunderous applause from the ANO benches and other parties in Government. Shouts:  ‘Excellent! Bravo!’] We don’t want to share our cars! We don’t want to share our apartments! We don’t want to share our country! [Response from the plenary: ‘And our women!’] We don’t want our country to be controlled by the European Parliament! These green fanatics that the pirates have teamed up with! [Applause from the ANO benches.], “- this is an excerpt from some of the Prime Minister’s statements during last Thursday’s session in the Chamber of Deputies when the opposition unsuccessfully attempted a vote of no confidence in their government.

Babiš continued his speech on Twitter, where he exchanged views with journalist JindŠich Šídlo. During the tweeting, the Prime Minister mistakenly claimed that the Pirates “want to map all the apartments first, tax those with too many feet of space, then move someone in with you.” The best would be a migrant of some. so. ”

This was not the end of his kicking in the quasi-fascist doors of this xenophobic election campaign. “We don’t want strangers [cizáky] from all over Europe walking around here and partying it is a big problem, ”he said of criticism that although bars and nightclubs have been allowed to reopen in the country, they are not allowed to play music.

Authorities have so far claimed that the dance and music ban was aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19, but the prime minister has now explained to us that it was because of foreign nationals – or I beg your pardon, he actually said “furriers” [cizáky], his new term for such people – and in that same interview he also says, “We sold everything to the furriers.” Tourism entrepreneurs who have already been crushed by two years of the COVID-19 crisis should certainly welcome such remarks.

Political scientist: It’s desperate – and out of date

Babiš has apparently definitely given up on the fight for the voices of those who embrace democratic values ​​and instead decided to fish in the racist / xenophobic pond that has so far been cultivated by the “Freedom and Direct Democracy” (SPD) party by Tomio Okamura. At the same time, it is an attack above all against the coalition of Pirates and Mayors and Independents (STAN) which has a privileged chance of winning the elections this autumn.

The Prime Minister wants to qualify these parties as supporters of massively uncontrolled migration. According to political scientist Tomáš Lebeda, this is an attempt to distract from other topics.

“Andrej Babiš did not say that by accident there was an intention behind it. However, it is more than obvious that it is particularly out of date to hear such things from a prime minister,” Lebeda told the news server. Seznam zprávy.

“Andrej Babiš will not want to mention the more than 30,000 people who died here during the pandemic, but he will want to devote himself to the subjects where he feels strong,” Lebeda added. “To a certain extent, coming from Andrej Babiš, this is hopeless. However, we will see if he manages to become a so-called opinion leader and if the public will allow this topic. [migration] be imposed on them. ”

Pirates: Babiš has no qualms about publishing lies and scaring people off

The hackers decided to defend themselves against the lies the Prime Minister is spreading about them and on Friday afternoon they sent him a call before they filed a lawsuit against him, calling on him to apologize for spreading the lie. that hackers want to excessively tax people. housing and moving migrants to their homes. Ivan Bartoš, president of the Pirates, said they definitely had nothing in their program regarding the transfer of migrants to people’s homes.

“Of course, there is nothing like it in the Pirates program, there never has been and never will be, and Mr. Babiš and his colleagues know this very well. It is unacceptable that the Prime Minister himself is acting like a disinformer, “he added. Bartoš said in response to the Prime Minister’s allegations.

President Pirate said the Prime Minister’s actions were unacceptable and that it was necessary to stand up to him. “He has no qualms about publishing disinformation, and even worse, he scares people who are already overwhelmed with fear because of the pandemic,” Bartoš said of the prime minister.

The government is already responsible for many scandals, according to President Pirate, but instead of accepting responsibility, the Prime Minister is doing his best to accuse the Pirates and STAN coalition of being responsible for these failures and thus to distract the public. public. Bartoš said the prime minister has long been disseminating false information about the Pirates.

Last Thursday’s tantrum on Twitter crossed the line, according to President Pirate. “We refuse to tolerate the manipulation of voters and the dissemination of false alarms, and that is why we have appealed to the Prime Minister before initiating an appeal against him in which we ask for an apology and a retraction of its misleading messages, “Bartoš said.

The spread of lies and xenophobia unfortunately worked well in the previous elections in the Czech Republic. We remember the “Zeman ad” against his rival Schwarzenberg during his campaign for his first term as President and his billboard against another rival reading “Stop immigrants and Drahoš, this is our country”, when of his campaign for a second term.

It will probably come as no surprise that the Prime Minister decides to release another type of ammunition regularly repeated and tested before the elections: the war against the “unsuitable”, which for Czech politicians is the code name of the Roma people. We can all remember his remarks questioning whether the Protectorate-era facility in Lety u Písku had in fact been a concentration camp.

“There were times when all the Roma worked. What these idiots write in the papers that the camp in Lety was a concentration camp, that’s a lie, it was a labor camp. Anyone who wasn’t working, bam! – he ended up there “, he declared at the end of August 2016 in his role as Czech Minister of Finance.

Babiš then apologized for this remark and paradoxically, it was exactly this misstep that triggered the successful takeover of the pig farm formerly located on the site of the former concentration camp. It remains to be seen how far the Prime Minister and his public relations team will be prepared to go this time in their hunt for votes.

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