EL AL offers children free tickets to Phuket, Seychelles, Dubai and Europe

Countries are opening up to tourism and El AL offers free tickets to children up to the age of 12, in anticipation of the summer holidays and great Jewish holy days after the summer months end, the company said on Monday.
Children up to the age of 12 will only have to pay airport taxes upon arrival on board their flights. The offer will only be valid for regular tickets which include checked baggage and pre-seat.

The destinations included in this offer are:

Phuket, Thailand)

Flight departure dates: June 30 – October 23

Coronavirus isolation requirements: Entry into Thailand will be allowed from July 1 for vaccinated adults and children without any quarantine requirements. Children between the ages of 12 and 18 will be required to undergo a PCR test upon entry.

Seychelles Islands

Ticket sales: June 6-10

Flight departure dates: June 7 to October 23


Ticket sales: June 6-10

Flight departure dates: June 7 to October 23


Destinations in Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Geneva, Kiev, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Moscow, Milan, Munich, Nice, Marseille, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Vienna, Zurich, Warsaw and Tbilisi.

Ticket sales: June 7 – 17

Flight departure dates: June 7 to October 23

Due to the current low levels of COVID-19[female[feminine infections, unvaccinated children may enter (subject to the required tests and forms) the destinations indicated, with the exception of Russia.

Children and adults who are not vaccinated should be isolated upon their return to Israel from all destinations.

For more information and to make a reservation, contact travel agencies and / or the EL AL website www.elal.com

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