Few places get fresh air and “nothing” better than Slovakia


A change of weather and – finally! – a lifting of the restrictions prompts James Thomson to try his luck in the Slovak countryside.

Slovakia has struggled for 30 years now to promote itself as a tourist destination. It still lacks the recognition of the name or the superlatives demanded by the insipid logic of tourist campaigns. It is outdated even in its own junior league: Prague has a more picturesque old town than Bratislava; Budapest is more grandiose; The mountains of Austria are higher; Ukraine is wilder.

For some reason, no one wants to run with my proposition: “A great place to do nothing”. But sometimes a little fresh air is all you need: and few places have fresh air and nothing better than rural Slovakia.

My timing, for once, is excellent. Spring is here and the colors, after four gray months of confinement in Petržalka, are almost overwhelming. If we painted the greens of the forest and fields against the intense blue of the sky, it would be taken for kitsch. One has the impression that all the flowers are in bloom. Even the humble dandelions add a flame of warmth to every edge and pasture.

Everyone on the bridge

May 29, 2021 at 7:00 | James thomson

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