Greece, Croatia brace for busy tourist season awaiting many Czech visitors

As vaccination efforts have intensified across Europe, countries like Greece and Croatia are already bracing for large amounts of tourism.

In Croatia, Czech Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček is currently negotiating entry conditions for tourists visiting the Adriatic Sea from the Czech Republic.

The safe places to visit will be designated by a special marking indicating “Safe stay in Croatia”.

According to Petříček, Greece will accept an antigen test as an adequate requirement for those who have not yet been vaccinated. They predict that the country’s tourist season will begin on May 14 if security conditions allow.

“They are either tested or will show sufficient immunity due to the Covid-19 disease that they have already suffered, or they will test negative for covid-19,” Petříček said.

This year, trains will continue to run from the Czech Republic to the Adriatic coast with stops along Croatia in Rijeka and Split.

Croatia has long been a popular tourist destination for Czechs. Last year, 511,000 Czechs visited the country between January and September despite the ongoing global pandemic.

Croatia has implemented new health precautions for travelers to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among tourists. The Stay Safe in Croatia program has already been implemented to promote tourism this year and more than 10,000 businesses have already signed up for the program.

Restaurants, cafes, museums and other similar tourism businesses are committed to complying with the program’s safety standards. Participating companies will be designated with a stamp indicating that they meet the security requirements of the Stay Safe in Croatia program.

Covid testing sites are expected to be set up across Croatia and the third wave of vaccinations will begin in April.

“Croatia can be expected to require testing upon arrival in the country. The only solution is whether it will take PCR or whether the antigen will suffice, ”said Petříček.

The European Union is currently working on a “green digital passport»For travelers who have been vaccinated to make border crossing more efficient.

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