Prague-based Ott Group launches fund for light industry and last mile logistics – “ Velvet Fund Logistics ”

PRAGUE, April 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In particular, Prague, where Ott Group is based, is the third richest city in the EU and therefore faces increasing consumer spending, but lacks supporting real estate space.

Jean-François Ott founded Velvet Fund Logistics to meet this unmet demand. As an entrepreneur with decades of experience and success in finance, real estate and international business, he has raised over 3 billion euros in equity. He introduced Orco Property Group to the stock market and developed a real estate portfolio through Central and Eastern Europe with a 2 billion euros market capitalization. Among the main achievements is GSG Berlin with more than one million square meters of light industrial and commercial space.

“During the pandemic, the logistics and light industry sector increased in importance and revenue,” says Willem Van Der Meer, member of the board of directors of Velvet Fund. With a pipeline built over the past 10 months, the Velvet Fund is positioned with impressive new offerings for clients. “The current market situation is very similar to the opportunity for GSG in Berlin, where great value has been created and assets acquired, ”said Jean-François Ott.

Logistics of the Velvet Fund (

Ott Group

Ott Group is committed to building an optimal portfolio of real estate and equity investments across a wide range of international markets. With our strong investment history, we are well positioned as a leading investment partner in finance and real estate development.

With bases in France, Czechia, Greece, the United States and Russia, Ott Group offers unique international reach and capabilities. The contacts we have made over more than three decades in these international markets place us in an ideal position. It is from this position that we have been able to refine our approach, investing in a wide variety of projects while providing the business management that organizations need in an increasingly global and multi-faceted market ecosystem.

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