The 15 best gaming destinations in the world, a travel guide

Are you a gaming fan getting ready for your next trip? How about combining the best of both worlds? This article presents the top 15 destinations for gamers around the world. Each city offers tourist attractions and land play facilities that you will enjoy. Feel free to check out the definitive list of the best gaming destinations in the world and find your favorite…

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The cap: African gambling laws vary across this continent. But if you want a great gaming destination, your next visit should be to South Africa. You can find a SA online casino, but also many land-based casinos, racetracks and sports betting establishments. Cities like Cape Town offer a great mix of places to play and places to visit as a tourist. Cape Town is the country’s legislative capital. It offers dazzling beaches where you can surf and watch penguins. Mountain biking enthusiasts will appreciate the fantastic nature that surrounds the city. The Farmers’ Market is unique, and don’t forget to try the local cuisines at the restaurants downtown.

Johannesburg: Many describe Johannesburg as the city of gold. It’s more populated than Cape Town, which is why it is famous as its younger, cooler brother. Montecasino and Emperors Palace are just a few casinos available in Johannesburg. You can stop and play roulette while walking around the city. If you want the full gaming experience, find a resort and stay in luxury apartments while enjoying top-notch casino games.

Barcelona: Architecture enthusiasts often put this Spanish city on their must-see list. Barcelona is often part of the descriptions of living places in literature, as it is a perfect place for wheelchair travel. Besides impressive structures, you can also enjoy the magnificent Barcelona Casino. This facility is not only about the game, but also the exquisite food and exclusive music events. It’s a great place to relax once you’ve finished sightseeing. It is interesting to note that you will also find many bingo halls all over Barcelona.

Monte Carlo: If you are from Europe, you have probably heard of the casinos in Monte Carlo. It is a luxury tourist destination with high-end gaming complexes. You will often meet celebrities from various countries on vacation and playing casino games here. While you can enjoy Monaco as a casual player, it is a particularly attractive destination for big players.

Amsterdam: Our European tour takes us to Amsterdam. The largest city in the Netherlands is famous as “the city of sin. “It’s appealing to young adults and those who want to maximize fun while traveling. Gaming fans will appreciate the large number of casinos available in Amsterdam. You can play everything from slots to live blackjack and poker.

The 15 best gaming destinations in the world

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Prague: Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic with an impressive history. The impressive Prague Castle was originally built in the 9th century. You can explore the old town and visit amazing historical monuments like the Old Synagogue and the Astronomical Clock. As you walk through the center, you will come across many casinos. These usually have a glamorous look and feature plenty of gaming tables, including those with live dealers.

Paris: The first association when it comes to Paris is romance. Walking along the Seine and visiting the Eiffel Tower sounds like a great honeymoon. Those who are lucky enough to meet a partner who loves to play, you would love Paris. Many world-famous casinos have opened their branches in the French capital. And if you are a roulette fan, you will have the chance to play this game in the country where it was invented.

The 15 best gaming destinations in the world

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Macau: China understands how tourism works. This is why they have projected Macao as a region dedicated to gambling. It is a true haven of peace with specific legislation which allows casinos to offer their services to players. More than 30 gambling establishments are located in Macau. Of the 20 largest casinos in the world, you will find seven in Macau. This includes franchises like MGM and many other high-end gaming complexes and hotels.

Singapore: Singapore is a city, state and island in one. It is an impressive country with a booming economy. No wonder 32 Singaporeans found their place in the Forbes Annual List of Global Billionaires. The city has a rich gambling culture with upscale resorts that offer large gaming areas. Although gambling didn’t become legal until 2005, it didn’t take long for Singapore to become an attractive destination.

Aruba: Aruba is a good choice for those looking for a real rest. It is an island located in the Caribbean, a region famous for its beaches. You will love the white sands and the crystal clear sea. Gambling is legal in Aruba, and many casinos are open 24 hours a day. This makes play facilities the most tempting destination after sunset.

San Juan: Did you know that Puerto Rico means “rich port”? It is no coincidence that this city has a lot to offer. History buffs will love San Juan’s impressive architecture, and nature lovers will enjoy the El Yunque National Forest. There are many beaches where you can enjoy the sun and swim in the magnificent sea. And the Puerto Ricans haven’t forgotten the players. There you will find dozens of establishments, which often offer tempting promotions and organize special events.

Las Vegas: You can’t imagine a list of the best gambling destinations without Las Vegas. Everyone has heard of this city, which currently has over 70 casinos. This includes the most reputable franchises like MGM, Bellagio, the Venetian, etc. The city also offers some of the largest hotels and resorts in the world. If you are a real gamer, Las Vegas is a destination to visit at least once.

Reno: Reno is in the state of Nevada, as is Las Vegas. If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of Sin City in the United States, how about trying this alternative? Reno offers more than 20 casinos, such as Eldorado Resort, Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, etc. There is a river walk in the middle of the play strips, and the National Automobile Museum may also be worth a visit.

Atlantic City: This is another popular gambling destination in the United States. It is a part of the state of New Jersey and the # 1 option on the East Coast. Although the number of casinos is not as impressive as in Nevada, you will still find facilities to visit. And don’t forget to visit the famous Boardwalk, which is also the city’s famous attraction.

Shreveport: Shreveport is in Louisiana, and it’s perfect for those who want to visit the southern United States. Nostalgic gamers will enjoy visiting the river casinos. If you prefer hotels, there are plenty of gaming complexes in Shreveport. The city is also famous for horse racing, and you can watch and bet on the races.

It doesn’t matter which continent you are heading to because you will find casinos everywhere. However, the cities listed in this guide offer a premium gaming experience. Don’t hesitate to include them as a potential destination for your next trip.

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