The Mighty Ducks: game changers

The new sports show from Disney Plus, The Mighty Ducks: game changers, recently completed his first season and fans are already crossing their fingers that he is getting a second. Like many Disney + shows, the series builds on the nostalgia of viewers who watched the original. The mighty ducks trilogy, while introducing a new generation to the Duck legacy.

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The 10-episode first season received overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans and critics alike, achieving a Rotton Tomatoes score of 89%. Like the movies, the series revolves around a team of charming and funny underdogs who take on the best in their hometown hockey league. With praise and worship, a second season of The Mighty Ducks: game changers seems like a safe bet, which has led many fans to think about what they want it to look like.

ten The Mighty Ducks really win the state

The Don't Bothers admiring the State Championship trophy

The whole first season of The Mighty Ducks: game changers revolved around the new Don’t Bothers, proving they had what it took to make it to the State Championship and win. And as they got closer, their state championship dreams were cut short when one of their teammates got injured.

If the show sees a second season, fans will be hoping the newly appointed Mighty Ducks can return to State and show the hockey world that an underdog team has what it takes to clinch a victory.

9 More cameos from the originals

The mighty original ducks visiting the Don't Bothers

Given that the series is based on an existing franchise, it’s no surprise that some of the original cast from The mighty ducks trilogy made an appearance in the series. In fact, this episode is one of the best in the new series.

While most of the lead actors reprise their roles for a cameo, there were still some crew members missing, like Kenan Thompson, who played Russ Tyler in the second movie, and of course Joshua Jackson, who played Charlie. Hopefully these two familiar faces will make an appearance next time around.

8 Stéphanie’s children join the ducks

Stephanie, the Mighty Ducks' mum-in-chief

Stephanie is definitely an antagonist for most of the first season. Not only is she the mother of reigning state champions, The Mighty Ducks, but she’s also the patron saint of Alex, who doesn’t always know the sense of limits.

However, at the end of the season, Stephanie returns and even defends the Don’t Bothers when Coach T tries to fuck them. Now realizing Coach T sucks, fans are hopeful that Stephanie will remove her kids from her squad and join Alex and the new Mighty Ducks.

7 Coach Bombay reinstated to be able to coach

Coach Bombay on the ice pond with the team

Coach Bombay has always been the heart and soul of the Mighty Ducks teams, so it was truly a blow to hear that he had given up training. Of course, the decision was made for him after he was kicked out of the NCAA for helping a player.

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His position almost requires him to have to sit down to coach the Don’t Bothers at State, but luckily Alex finds a loophole. Now that the Mighty Ducks are back, fans are hoping Bombay can fix the issue so he can continue coaching the team.

6 The Mighty Ducks are taken seriously

Evan and the rest of the Don't Bothers wearing the old Ducks uniform

The Don’t Bothers spend most of the first season being laughed at by everyone around them – even those who aren’t into hockey. Being a team of underdogs, some of whom can’t even skate, is definitely what makes the team so great.

However, now that they’ve taken down the former Mighty Ducks, fans are hoping people start to take Evan and his team seriously – and all of the Underdogs, for that matter.

5 Sam gets his own script

Sam at the lunch table

With 10 players on the team, it can be easy for some characters to slip into the background. That’s exactly what happened to Don’t Bothers player Sam. While Sam started out as an extremely interesting character, as a teenager who never turns down a challenge, he got lost for the rest of the season.

Fans were disappointed that Sam didn’t get more screen time and are hopeful that he will become a featured character in the second season. After all, there are so many fun things her character could bring to the rink.

4 More team links

The Don't Bothers in a team group

One of the great things about all sports shows and movies is the team bond that comes before and after big games. Since the Don’t Bothers were reunited at the last minute, team bonding has been a big part of the first season. From extra training and school team lunches, to even impromptu sleepovers, it was clear that these kids were not just teammates but also friends.

Fans are hopeful that these bonding moments will continue into the second season. After all, a giant slumber party episode is deserved after Logan expressed his sadness at not being invited to the last one.

3 Tibor and Havel become more important

Czech brothers Tibor & Havel meet Evan at the Ice Palace

One of the most frustrating things about The Mighty Ducks: game changers was the fact that the Don’t Bothers had two characters that they didn’t do anything with. Aware that they needed 10 players to compete, the team recruited Tibor and Havel, two Czech brothers who do not speak English.

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Instead of giving them an interesting plot where they learn English from their teammates and become important actors, the series has chosen to ignore them. Fans are hoping to learn more about these two brothers in the second season.

2 The team does not lose sight of its motto “Winning is not everything”

Don't bother skating on the ice pond

At the heart of The Mighty Ducks: game changers and the former Don’t Bothers team is the idea that sport should be fun and not ultra-competitive and the whole personality of a child. This is what makes Don’t Bothers such a fun and awesome team to watch.

The show really stuck to that post this season and even went so far as to fire Alex when she got too competitive towards the end. Now that the team has defeated the Mighty Ducks and taken their name, fans are hoping the new status doesn’t go to their heads.

1 Romantic relationships flourish

Evan & Sofi at the State Championship Party

If it is true that The Mighty Ducks: game changers is a family show that focuses on hockey, that’s not to say romance can’t be found everywhere. In fact, in the first season alone, several characters experience love, such as Evan and Sofi.

Fans are hopeful that the exploration continues with the second season and that they can see their favorite team players experience awkward teenage love for the first time. Plus, fans can’t wait to see if Alex and Coach Bombay’s relationship blossom as there is definitely chemistry there.

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