A bank that lends money without proof of income? Whether it’s a personal loan, a credit card, or a microcredit, it’s always the same story when you’re a job seeker: will the bank accept lend me money if I am poor, unemployed and unemployed?

One can understand that an unemployed person is looking for a revolving credit without a pay slip or revolving credit without a pay slip, to avoid seeing his file refused. But being unemployed and having a reserve of money without justification, it is not compatible, not to mention a person stuck Francia Bank, over-indebtedness, prohibited banking or FICP. Other ways to get a loan exist, we listed them.

Attention to the revolving: risk of over-indebtedness

Attention to the revolving: risk of over-indebtedness

Solutions for people who need money quickly but who are unemployed therefore no payroll to provide to revolving credit agencies are not necessarily. Before anything else, before subscribing to a credit, you have to check your accounts, and do not hide your face: will I be able to repay the money borrowed within the time limits?

If so, everything is for the better, if not, in case of subscription, it is the over-indebtedness that will point the tip of his nose.

Consumer credits are for those who work or have regular incomes, not because they can provide proof, but because the interest rate is often high, and it is better to make a living before doing so. a revolving loan, the amounts to repay sometimes taking too much proportions.

The revolving credit is framed but maybe not enough yet

In order to better protect the one who will apply for a revolving credit, the law recently insisted on the information of the users before the subscription.

Thus, everyone is more likely to check their debt ratio and their repayment possibilities when the time comes. In addition, some practices have disappeared, such as the reserve of money without a pay slip or the application for revolving credit without proof of income.

But the revolving credit is a double-edged system: if the reserve of money is immediate, the rate of attrition practice when dragging the total repayment is very important compared to a conventional bank credit.

Consumer credit is often associated with a credit card

What will result in a use of its money reserve facilities, and that says use said interest rate to settle… Often, it is the poorest, unemployed PSA must be protected from this mode Operating. In the case of debts that can not be reimbursed, the remaining solution is to set up an over-indebtedness file.

Over-indebtedness that cancels debts or staggers them

To have contracted too many credits, it is the insurance to live end of difficult months for long years, especially when one has few receipts of money (unemployed or assimilated). The state has foreseen the difficulty for some of them to face their debts, and has put in place a system that allows to make a clean sweep of the past, or to restructure its debt.

Anyone can file an over -indebtedness file, as long as the debts to be repaid are too important to live normally.

This is a procedure that is reserved for individuals, entrepreneurs having the means in case of problems to have the bankruptcy or liquidation of their business decided by the Commercial Court.

The over-indebtedness file can be found online at the Banque de France, or directly at one of its branches. The completed file will be filed with a letter stating the reasons that led us to be over-indebted, and the impossibility of leaving without being helped by an organization or association.

To find out about the over-indebtedness, it is also possible to contact a specialized association. Read our file on the Creloin association and the help it brings to those who address it (financial and legal aid).

Micro social loans: help to borrow

Micro social loans: help to borrowA baby will arrive in the home, the expenses accumulate, but my precarious situation. I am unemployed, and my partner is at PSA. This kind of situation happens every day, but how to make a loan without a job?

Getting a loan by being unemployed is not like in a fairy account, it is not enough to believe very hard for it to work, as to borrow without payroll….

If the banks are hesitant, rightly, to borrow money by being job seekers in Assedics (example) is possible thanks to the micro credit for unemployed.

Make a loan without work: principle

Finding a credit for a person without a job is difficult. To meet the needs of the poor, associations take over the traditional banking circuit by providing the less wealthy small amounts of money, called microloans.

These loans for people who are unemployed or in serious difficulty will be able to obtain credit without going through a traditional bank when you are unemployed.

Thus, whether one has a project of professional integration in progress, or needs to do work in his house, it will be possible to make small credits, which will of course be reimbursed.

Where to find a micro credit

To apply for a credit if you have no income and no work, you can apply for social assistance, which can build a file and apply for a loan without payroll or taxes, in case the applicant could not provide. You can therefore contact the welfare office of the town hall, or go directly to an authorized association.

To learn more about micro credit, read our other articles on the subject:

  • For a professional, or a future small entrepreneur: CADI
  • For an individual: The Red Cross

Micro credit in Belgium

Borrowing while unemployed is not just a French problem, far from it. A job seeker in Belgium will encounter the same difficulties, the personal loan without proof of wages remaining more or less banned on both sides of the border (damage for border workers).

But if the aid for the unemployed exists in France, it is also found in Belgium. A credit without proof of income or salary slip is not incompatible, provided that it is supported by the right association and provide valid reasons for borrowing (for example, access to employment).

Credit for the unemployed in Belgium: other solutions

To obtain a personal loan without employment and proof of income in Belgium (which is not a revolving credit without a salary slip) it is also possible to take out a mortgage loan.

It is granted to build a new house or to carry out important work on its property (energy in particular). Be careful, even if the borrowing rate is considered good, the loan amounts are important, the borrower will be committed to a repayment over many years.

The loan SEF

The loan SEF

The body in France that “chapote” many aids for those excluded from the system, or people with low incomes, is the SEF. Many do not know that the Family Allowance Fund does not just help pay rent. A whole range of loan SEF exists, according to its need.

Remains to meet the conditions to have the right to make a loan to the SEF. Most often, it will be necessary to have a small family quotient and already benefit from an allocation of the organization.

The number of dependent children is also included in the calculations, but each SEF aid often has its own rules. To find out more about one of the helpers described here, go to the link of the article in question.

The car loan: needing to change your car, get your motorcycle repaired… When you are looking for a job, or you just found a new job, do without a vehicle, especially if you lives in the countryside, is a handicap.

The household loan: to enable the poorest families to live in relative comfort, the SEF has set up an aid to buy furniture, a fridge or a stove. Repairs (washing machine for example) are also taken into account.

Home Improvement Loan: in the series of good news, SEF fights against insecurity by allowing access to property even to modest families.

The holiday loan: all children have the right to have a holiday, SEF therefore helps parents who request it, through a participation on the child’s living expenses.

The birth premium: the arrival of a baby imbalances quickly the budget of a family. You have to buy a stroller, a bed, not to mention diapers and bottles. In order to be able to welcome a child at home in good conditions, the SEF can provide financial assistance at birth, under certain conditions.

The loan of honor

There are three types of people who can be involved in a loan of honor: students, entrepreneurs, and job seekers.

Recall in principle: a sum of money is lent, to allow to follow his studies and to finance them without having to work beside, to face his need in working capital and his first expenses of installation, or to find work.

It is often zero interest loans, which will not generate interest, and which are refundable once his situation has stabilized: entry into the workforce, income activity, new work. Organizations that can lend money in the form of a loan of honor.

The credit system between individuals

The credit system between individuals

Individuals who lend money to the unemployed is a sweet dream that many have hoped for a long time. Except that now, it’s more or less become reality, a little more complicated than that.

Individuals who lend money can do so for a number of reasons: for the purpose of making money (after all it is a placement like any other), or with the desire to help others. In any case, it will be necessary to answer certain criteria, in particular on: how will I repay the loan which is granted to me?

This system has the advantage of avoiding going through a bank, and pleases more and more. To have the impression that one’s money is for something useful is not trivial. But not all individuals lend to the unemployed, it is necessary to know it. Some ask for guarantees that have nothing to envy to traditional banks.

To find out more: private loan organizations

Apply for a loan abroad

A last word on foreign credits. To be refused a credit in France because one is unemployed, is not necessarily valid in another European country.

You can take out a loan abroad without having to provide pay slips, provided you can prove that you have other sources of income. Of course, everything will depend on the amount borrowed.

In conclusion: our opinion on credit organizations for the unemployed without proof of income

In conclusion: our opinion on credit organizations for the unemployed without proof of income

Whether we talk about easy credit without proof of salary, or a need for money without going through a bank, we must always consider the offers with the utmost caution.

In terms of credit, especially those for socially fragile people, scams are numerous. For your requests for social loans, always go through a state agency (SEF) or a well-established association. Do not respond to credit offers found on classified Internet sites.

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