Zentiva opens a vaccination site for employees and their families at its factory in Prague


pragueZentiva continues to actively fight against COVID-19, maximizing health safety measures in its manufacturing plant of prague throughout the pandemic to ensure an uninterrupted supply of affordable, high-quality medicines that people depend on every day. To further support its teams, Zentiva also set up its own vaccination center for employees and their family members. She wants to simplify access to the COVID-19 vaccination and the 3rd dose of revaccination. The decision to get vaccinated is a personal matter for everyone, but the company makes every effort to give employees credible information about the virus and the consequences of the disease and encourage them to get vaccinated.

”We are very proud that our teams see their responsibility not only as Zentiva employees but also as responsible citizens. In doing so, they protect themselves and their loved ones and contribute to the fight against COVID-19. We now provide on-site vaccination for 1,500 employees and also offer this service to their families. The current pandemic situation is not easy, especially in the run up to Christmas and the upcoming celebrations and family gatherings, so we all hope that we will soon be able to enjoy life to the fullest again. AT Zentivawe will be happy to do our best to make it happen.’, comments Ines Windischresponsible for corporate affairs and human resources, Zentiva.

Zentiva responded quickly throughout the spread of COVID-19 throughout the company, to ensure an uninterrupted supply of medication as well as maximum protection for its employees. It was also one of the first companies to engage in large-scale PCR testing for its employees, providing them with faster and more accurate results. Thanks to this measure, the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus inside the factory has also been minimized in real terms.

The research and development center and the prague” idsrc=”https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/ZENTIVA-S-A-6496269/news/Zentiva-opens-vaccination-site-for-employees-and-their-families-at-its-Prague-plant-37406873/xmltag.org”>prague factory also produced its disinfectant, Sanicor, which Zentiva launched during the first wave of the pandemic when disinfection was sorely lacking. By donating Sanicor disinfectant, Zentiva supported, among other things, food banks and their clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since then, it has added and provided more products to its portfolio to help fight the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases.

For all these activities, Zentiva was awarded this summer by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Chemical Industry Association from Czech Republic for his exceptional contribution to the fight against covid-19 in the Czech Republic.

“In the final days of this year, we continue to focus on helping others through food bank donations and other volunteer activities. We wanted to do this, among other things, to listen to the wishes of our teams in order to direct aid to those who need it most,” he adds. Ines Windisch.

On Zentiva

Zentiva is a producer of high quality affordable medicines serving the patients of Europe and beyond. With a dedicated team of more than 4,500 people and a network of production sites – including flagship sites in prague, Bucharestand Ankleshwar- Zentiva strives to be the champion of branded and generic medicines in Europe to better meet people’s daily health care needs. AT Zentiva we want health care to be a right, not a privilege. More than ever, people need better access to affordable, high-quality medicines and health care. We partner with doctors, pharmacists, wholesalers, regulators and governments to provide the everyday solutions we all depend on. Visit us at www.zentiva.com.



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